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Biograph DVD & CD Replication & Duplication

DVD Replication & Duplication

DVDs can be produced by two different methods - Replication or Duplication.


DVD duplication, Editing and Production

DVD Replication

For quantities of 1000 or more, we recommend that the DVD Replication process be used. This involves creating a glass master, which is then used in the manufacturing process to embed your data into the DVD. Also during the manufacturing process, the DVD can be printed with any artwork or logo you require.

For quantities less than 1000, see our DVD Duplication section below.

We can manufacture DVD-5, DVD-9, mini-DVD-5 (5cm diameter) or Business card DVDs, depending on your specific needs.

Our turnround times for DVD replication is quicker than most of our competitors, but we don't charge a premium for this - contact us for a quote and see how competative we are!


DVD Duplication

DVD Duplication is the process by which your DVD-R master is transferred to another DVD-R. This is the most common process for short run projects, typically up to 1000 DVDs. However we do regularly duplicate larger quantities in order to meet Client's deadlines.

The process of duplication is much quicker than that of replication since we do not have to go through the process of making a glass master and in turn a metal stamper. When speed and quality is essential we provide a top quality product with a fast turnaround!